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Most people spend more time in their bedrooms than in any other part of the home. The key to creating the perfect environment for relaxing and sleeping is to plan carefully as space is often at a premium. At Home Revolution we offer a wide range of bedroom furniture and storage solutions in a wide choice of contemporary or traditional styles. From wardrobes to integrated shoe racks we can maximise the potential of your bedroom space. As with a selection of products to suit most budgets we can help you to sleep easier at night too.

When planning your bathroom you may need to consider the following elements:

  • Storage – make sure that you include ample storage for clothes, shoes and personal items

  • Bedrooms can be used for sleeping, reading, dressing, watching TV, listening to music, or even working, so careful planning can provide complete flexibility without any compromises in the style department

  • If you are creating your own layouts make sure that you measure carefully to ensure that drawers and doors can be opened without causing accessibility problems


Style, without compromise

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